Our Danvers office moved in 2016. Our new address is 5A Hutchinson Drive, Danvers. Across from BJ's and next to Hollywood Hits.

Harmeling Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness, Inc.

A Unique Approach to Physical Therapy and Sports Fitness



STARTFIT, developed by Peter Harmeling, helps overweight people of all ages
lose weight and get fit.

What makes STARTFIT different than other programs or gyms?

STARTFIT is a customized, safe and monitored physical therapy program that
focuses on each individual's weight loss goals.

Is STARTFIT expensive?

STARTFIT can be prescribed by a doctor. Health insurance companies may pay
for this physical therapy if you have any disability or joint pain due to obesity.
If not, then you can join the program on a self-pay basis. Contact our office
for rates and fees.

How does STARTFIT begin?

The program begins by taking precise baseline measurements that include:

What happens next?

The next step involves learning the mechanics and benefits of exercise, including:

After the first two steps above, you’ll meet with the STARTFIT physical therapists 2-3 times per week at the clinic. During your visit, you’ll perform exercises on equipment such as stationary bicycles and treadmills with heart rate monitors.

The therapists provide positive reinforcement as you progress through the program, helping you to gain confidence in your ability to reach your weight loss goals. The therapists will continue to evaluate your progress by comparing your current measurements to baseline measurements.

Therapists will encourage you to get your family involved and will review your activities between visits. This structured environment will help you stick with the program. At the end of the program you can transition to a gym or home exercise equipment. You may schedule follow-up visits with the clinic as needed.

As a patient of Harmeling Physical Therapy, you'll also have extensive aqua therapy opportunities in Gordon College's state-of-the-art pool, complete with motorized chair.

STARTFIT helps you get started on a weight loss program and helps you get over the initial hump. You'll leave the program with a sound understanding of your exercise program, new habits, better health, and a positive self-image.

Sound interesting? Contact us today and get started with STARTFIT!


"STARTFIT is about raising your heart rate through exercise. With this comes health benefits that are truly miraculous, including weight loss. But what I like best are the wonderful changes I see in self-image and confidence."
--Peter J. Harmeling, Owner, Harmeling Physical Therapy