Injury Prevention Lectures

Injury Prevention Lectures

As a public service, Harmeling Physical Therapy presents lectures to various groups and organizations, including:

  • Parent groups
  • Athletic teams and youth sports organizations
  • Businesses
  • High school teams
  • Senior citizens (via local councils on aging)
  • Coaches

These sessions include:

  • Sport-specific training techniques
  • Injury management
  • Emergency action plans
  • Physical therapy graduate programs
  • Weight reduction
  • Low back injury prevention strategies

If you are interested in a lecture please call:

James O’Brien IV, DPT
Danvers Clinic Manager

(978) 750-8188

Thomas Faulds, MSPT, ATC
Wenham Clinic Manager

(978) 524-0000

Steven Nutter, MSPT, ATC
Wilmington Clinic Manager

(978) 694-1440

Scott Kulesa, MSPT
Gloucester Clinic Manager

(978) 526-0149

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