SMARTFIT is a medical fitness program designed for those who want to permanently modify their lifestyle and enjoy improved health. Based on the individual's needs, the program involves a thorough initial evaluation including a discussion of the individual's particular goals. Measurements are taken and the patient is given a details, well explained exercise program taking into account both the patient's goals, as well as their own physical presentation. The end goal is an informed, empowered individual who has experienced success and has the requisite knowledge, tools, help, motivation and support to sustain these lifestyle modifications.

Is SMARTFIT Expensive?

SMARTFIT can be prescribed by a doctor. Health insurance companies may pay for this physical therapy if you have any disability, joint pain or difficulty moving. If not, you can join the program on a self-pay basis. Contact our office for rates and fees.

What are the steps in the SMARTFIT program?

Pre-Program Testing:
  • PT: general health, BMI, flexibility, strength, posture, lifestyle habits, past orthopedic conditions.
  • Nutrition:¬†As needed, the patient is referred to a nutritionist, with whom we work closely.
Customized Plan:

The patient is given a very personalized program, including scheduled follow-up appointments to advance and modify the program as indicated.

As patients experience success, confidence increases and they are transitioned to home/gym with phone, email or in office support as needed.

Patient status/updates communicated to PCP.

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