Rehabilitation Aide Apprentice Program

Harmeling Physical Therapy is proud to offer our Rehabilitation Aide Apprentice Program. This program is designed for college graduates interested in pursuing careers in healthcare (PT, OT, PA, MD). This is a paid program through which graduates are employed with the practice as rehabilitation aides, assisting PTs with patient care, learning the ins and outs working in a private practice, and how the rules of the health insurance system affects patient care. Administrative and front desk duties are also part of the program, and provide an invaluable opportunity to learn about insurance companies and patient care on the “front desk” side. These are full or part time positions in all 5 of our clinics.

Past rehab aides have gone on to study and graduate from the following schools:

  • MGH
  • UVM
  • UMass
  • Franklin Pierce
  • Northeastern University
  • Shenandoah University
  • Simmons College
  • Duke

Qualities we look for in applicants to this program include initiative, willingness to learn and lend a hand, an outgoing, pleasant demeanor, ability to take direction and work as part of the team, and great problem solving abilities. We’re looking for someone who enjoys working with people and has a desire to contribute to the positive culture that defines the offices of Harmeling Physical Therapy. Minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Following are some comments from just a few of our recent aides:

  • I have been working as an aide at HPT for 3 years, and it has been a great learning experience. I am currently in grad school at UML, and HPT has definitely helped me get into school and helped me through school. The best thing about being an aide is that it really gives you that one-on-one patient interaction to get you ready for the real health profession world. The therapists are always ready to teach us and answer any questions we have about the field. Working at HPT has really gotten me ready for my first clinical experience at school, and I am so lucky for that!

    Melissa M.
    Melissa M.
  • HPT has helped me prepare for a career as a PA in many ways. I have learned many ins and outs of health insurance and what a burden insurance can be for patients seeking health care. I came to appreciate how important whole body wellness is, not just being physically healthy. But most importantly, HPT helped me realize how much I value meaningful patient interactions. Often in the health care world, interactions are fast and aimed at being efficient. Working for a private practice like HPT has helped me to always put the patient first above all else, to really listen, and to provide the best care I possibly can.

    Amy F.
    Amy F.
  • At the time of my application, I did not quite understand the magnitude of the impact that being an aide at Harmeling PT would have on me. I learned how to communicate effectively with patients, was exposed to different treatment styles and interventions, and even became comfortable with certain aspects of insurance policies. Having time in the clinic and being engaged with the therapists and patients proved to be invaluable in preparation for my career. I feel more confident and prepared going into my terminal clinical experiences having spent those two years in the clinic prior to my enrollment in PT school. There is no better preparation than experience, and getting an inside look at the operation of a clinic was just what I needed!

    Sarah B.
    Sarah B.
  • I definitely learned a lot during my time as an aide at HPT before I started PA school. For me I think the most helpful thing was being able to work with a diverse patient population. There are many aspects of the patient interactions that have carried over to being a PA, but three of the biggest things that stick out to me are the experience of establishing a relationship with patients from a provider standpoint and helping them manage their expectations for PT and helping with patient education. Another valuable thing for me from the PA standpoint is that if I refer someone to PT now I have a great understanding of what results I can expect a patient to get with PT. In terms of the business/management side of things from Pete down everyone I worked with at HPT did their best to run things the right way and I think seeing how they ran things and managed employees can carry over for any size practice. I really valued my time at HPT and have no doubt that it helped better prepare me for PA school and working as a PA.

    Jeff B.
    Jeff B.

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