Pre-Op Physical Therapy Program

Pre-Op Physical Therapy Program

Designed to educate the pre-operative patient about all aspects of an upcoming surgery, our Pre-Op Physical Therapy program includes information on exercises (both pre- and post-op), how to reduce pain and swelling, goals of physical therapy and crutch/walker use if applicable.

The goal of the Pre-Op Physical Therapy program is to help you understand what to expect from your procedure and to carefully outline your responsibilities in the healing process. Patients who take advantage of the program find they are a more active, involved and confident participant in the rehabilitation process.

Pre-Op Physical Therapy is great for:

  • Knee, shoulder and hip replacements
  • ACL reconstruction surgery
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Back surgery

What is the process?

  1. One to two visits before surgery
  2. Detailed evaluation performed
  3. Thorough explanation/education provided
  4. All questions answered
  5. Home exercises taught
  6. Practice with crutches/walker (if applicable)
  7. Post-surgery process carefully reviewed
  8. Post-surgery rehabilitation scheduled (based on surgeon's protocol)


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