Osteoporosis is a condition that can cause bones to become fragile and can put you at greater risk for a fracture. The most common areas affected by osteoporosis are the spine, hips and wrists. It can also lead to postural changes that can cause neck or back pain.

The program begins with a thorough history, analysis of your gait and posture, range of motion and strength measurements and a general balance assessment. During your treatment sessions, we instruct you in a home exercise program that includes stretching, strengthening and weight bearing exercises.

We also instruct you in proper body mechanics and safe postures to use during your daily living activities. Modalities such as heat, ice, massage and E-stim will be used when appropriate.

It is important to work with a physical therapist who has been specifically trained in how to treat patients with osteoporosis. There are specific exercises that are helpful in strengthening the spine, hips and other areas while also considering the fragility of the bones.

Our staff therapist, Sara Dranetz, PT, has extensive experience in osteoporosis treatment and has advanced training in the Meeks Method for exercise and movement. Sara is happy to schedule evaluations and treatment at our Danvers office with your physician’s recommendation and prescription.


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