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Pregnancy & Postpartum Program

Your body undergoes major transformations during pregnancy – physically, emotionally, and hormonally.  There are changes to nearly all of your body systems.  Some women never feel better than during pregnancy, while others may develop pain in their muscles and joints.  During and after pregnancy a physical therapist can evaluate musculoskeletal pain or limitations and work with you to develop a plan of care.  Office visits and home management techniques can be useful to reduce or eliminate these concerns.

Some of the musculoskeletal changes which occur during pregnancy include:

These changes often lead to symptoms such as:

Our physical therapists can prescribe and instruct you in a safe, individualized exercise program based on a detailed evaluation.  If you have pain or difficulty exercising on land, aquatic therapy may be an option.  Your therapist can instruct you in an exercise program using the pool located at our Wenham facility if appropriate.  Physical therapy can teach you correct body mechanics to decrease your risk of pain with everyday activities, including baby care.  We also offer instruction in massage techniques for your C-section or perineal scar.

To schedule an appointment for Pregnancy or Postpartum Physical Therapy with a prescription from your physician or midwife please call:

Wenham Office: 978-524-0000 ◦ Ask to schedule with Angela Marciano or Christina Curran

Danvers Office: 978-750-8188 ◦ Ask to schedule with Christina Curran or Sheela Zerilli

Gloucester Office: 978-283-0888 ◦ Ask to schedule with Sheela Zerilli